Meet Moldeate World®

Our Story

Confecciones Calar S.A.S was established in 1991 as a small business accredited in garment manufacture; during this time, the company offered various assembly lines for maquila services. In 2001, a project was initiated to investigate a novel and innovative product in the market.

In 2004, the company started developing its brand MOLDEATE FAJAS, which creates ideal compression garments for men and women by combining the science of compression and style. Therefore guaranteeing excellent quality and ensuring the individual’s reflection of their true essence. The brand is oriented toward the compression garment market with an ample array of different collections of compression products such as Post-partum, Daily use, Waist-cinchers & Vests, Activewear, and Fashion line. All our garments are made from high-quality technology and hypoallergenic compression fabrics.

In 2018 MOLDEATE turned its direction toward the international markets. This is how THE ART OF COMPRESSION was born, providing medical-grade compression garments made with unique fabrics hand selected from all around the world to ensure optimal products to clinics, hospitals, and consumers worldwide. We are committed to learning from each user and expert to continue helping each customer’s healing and recovery experience in the most powerful and positive way. That is how our international founders have earned the trust of hundreds of people through constant innovation and research with the help of medical professionals and daily users, taking the brand to a higher level of satisfaction and value.


– Shape your body
– Improve and straighten your posture 
– Hypoallergenic fibers keep you fresh and clean 
– Comfort and durability
– UV sun protection