Care & Sizing

Our garments are designated to fit your body perfectly

Selecting the correct size will ensure optimal fit of your compression garment. It is important you follow our measurement guide to find the right size. 

It is very important to know how to take measurements of the bust, waist and hips, especially more and more we buy a garment of control and molding. Knowing the centimeters that these three areas of our body measure will allow us to choose from a pantyhose for daily use to the most suitable full girdle for our body type.

Remember to have a tape measure on hand and measure the torso, waist and hip areas as accurately as possible in order to find your correct girdle size and ensure that you enjoy all the benefits and comfort. Follow some tips and consult our simple measurement table to choose the ideal girdle size for you.

Here are some tips that can help you:

How often and how you  should wash your compression garment?

Put these tips into practice to make your favorite garment look like new, and most importantly: keep your body’s health. Remember that at Moldeate Fajas we highlight  #TuVerdaderaBelleza and work every day to transform lives.

Setting how often a compression garment should be washed is difficult as it depends on the frequency of use and care that the customer gives it since purchasing it. For example, one woman may wear her waistband every day to go to the gym and another can wear her sash every other day considering her needs. Therefore, the sections and ways of washing are completely different.

Estimated to do two or three times a week to prevent itching, rash and redness on the skin. It is also recommended that washing is not so often because the fabrics will wear out and, therefore, the life of the control garment will be shortened. Remember, everything in excess is bad.

Washing must be delicate. It is suggested that it be by hand with a mild or liquid soap because the washing machine can deteriorate the details of the garment (closures, snaps, lace and hip enhancement bands). Do not use bleach.
For both washing and drying use a soft towel. Don’t use brushes with thick, strong bristles because it will wear out fabrics and look old. At the end of the wash, use plenty of water and drain into fresh air. Do not twist the garment, or wear an iron.

Say no to the sun or dryer drying. This should be done under the shade, especially if it is a garment made of latex.

Follow these tips to make your favorite sash look like new, and most importantly: keep your body’s health.